Jobs with the Bannatyne Group in the North East: A Blend of Health, Wellness, and Service

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The Bannatyne Group, known for its extensive network of health clubs, spas, and hotels across the UK, offers a diverse range of employment opportunities, particularly in the North East of England, where the company has its roots. In this article, we explore the various job roles available at the Bannatyne Group in the North East, highlighting the skills required and the potential career pathways within the company.

The Bannatyne Group: A Brief Overview

Founded by Duncan Bannatyne, the Bannatyne Group has grown to be one of the UK's premier health club operators. Headquartered in Darlington, County Durham, the group epitomizes a commitment to health and fitness, combined with luxury and relaxation through its spas and hotels.

Career Opportunities in the North East

Health Club Positions

  1. Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers: Central to the Bannatyne ethos, these roles require a passion for fitness and a qualification in personal training. Instructors are expected to provide expert guidance to members and create personalized fitness plans.

  2. Swimming Instructors: With many clubs boasting state-of-the-art swimming facilities, swimming instructors play a key role. A certification in swim teaching and lifeguarding is typically required.

  3. Customer Service and Reception Staff: These roles are crucial for ensuring a warm welcome to members and guests. Key skills include excellent communication and a friendly demeanor.

Spa and Beauty Roles

  1. Spa Therapists: Qualified therapists provide a range of treatments in Bannatyne's luxurious spas. Qualifications in beauty therapy and massage are prerequisites.

  2. Spa Managers: Overseeing the spa operations, these roles require experience in spa management along with strong leadership skills.

Hospitality and Hotel Staff

  1. Hotel Receptionists and Concierges: Key to the hotel operation, staff in these roles ensure guests have a memorable stay. Customer service skills and a friendly approach are essential.

  2. Catering and Bar Staff: From chefs to baristas, these roles contribute to the group's dining and beverage services. Experience in hospitality is often required.

Administrative and Support Roles

  1. Marketing and Sales: These roles involve promoting the Bannatyne brand and driving memberships. Skills in digital marketing, sales, and communication are sought after.

  2. Facility Management and Maintenance: Ensuring that the health clubs and hotels operate smoothly, these positions require technical know-how and problem-solving skills.

Training and Development

The Bannatyne Group is known for investing in its staff, offering training programs and opportunities for career advancement. Whether it's progressing from a fitness instructor to a club manager, or developing within the spa and beauty sector, the company supports career growth.

Working at Bannatyne: Employee Experience

Employees often cite a supportive work environment, the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, and the chance to work in a health-focused setting as key benefits of working at the Bannatyne Group. Additionally, employees usually enjoy complimentary access to health club facilities.

How to Apply

Job vacancies are typically listed on the Bannatyne Group's website and popular job portals.Visit


The Bannatyne Group offers a wide range of job opportunities in the North East, catering to various skills and interests, especially for those passionate about health, fitness, and hospitality. With a strong emphasis on employee development and a dynamic work environment, careers at the Bannatyne Group can be both rewarding and fulfilling.

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