Career Opportunities at Hargreaves Services in the North East: A Gateway to Growth and Community Development

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Hargreaves Services, a prominent player in the industrial services sector, offers a diverse range of career opportunities in the North East of England. This article will explore the various job roles available at Hargreaves Services in the North East, highlighting the skills required, potential career paths, and the impact these roles have on the local economy and community.

Overview of Hargreaves Services

Hargreaves Services plc is a well-established company specialising in logistics, mineral trading, and industrial services. With a strong presence in the North East, the company has become a significant employer in the region, contributing to local economic growth.

Career Opportunities in the North East

  1. Logistics and Transportation: These roles involve managing the transportation of goods and resources. Skills in logistics planning, vehicle operation, and supply chain management are essential.

  2. Engineering and Technical Support: Engineers and technicians at Hargreaves work on maintaining equipment, designing new systems, and ensuring operational efficiency. A background in mechanical or electrical engineering is often required.

  3. Environmental and Safety Management: These positions focus on ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and maintaining workplace safety. They are crucial in a region with a strong industrial base.

  4. Administration and Management: Administrative roles range from human resources to finance and project management. These positions support the backbone of the company's operations in the North East.

  5. Mineral Trading: Specialists in mineral trading are responsible for the procurement, sale, and logistics of mineral resources. Knowledge of the market and negotiation skills are key.

Training and Development

Hargreaves Services is committed to the professional development of its employees. The company often provides on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and opportunities for further education, allowing employees to advance their careers within the organisation.

Community Impact

Jobs at Hargreaves Services in the North East are not just about employment; they play a significant role in the local community. The company's presence has led to economic growth, skills development, and community engagement initiatives.


Hargreaves Services offers a wide range of job opportunities in the North East of England, catering to various skills and interests. The company's commitment to employee development and community engagement makes it an attractive employer in the region. As the North East continues to evolve industrially, Hargreaves Services remains a key player in driving economic growth and providing valuable job opportunities.

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