Career Opportunities at Hays Travel in the North East

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In the heart of the United Kingdom's travel industry, Hays Travel stands out as a beacon of success and opportunity, particularly in the North East. Founded in 1980, Hays Travel has grown from a single shop in Seaham, County Durham, to the UK’s largest independent travel agency. This growth story is not just about business expansion but also about creating numerous job opportunities that contribute significantly to the local economy.

Hays Travel's Influence in the North East

The North East, a region known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also home to numerous Hays Travel branches. The company has deep roots in this region, employing a substantial number of locals in its branches. This regional focus has not only supported the local economy but also has fostered a strong community presence.

Diverse Career Paths at Hays Travel

At Hays Travel, the spectrum of job roles is as diverse as the destinations the company offers. From travel consultants who bring dream holidays to life to marketing specialists who craft enticing travel campaigns, the range of opportunities is vast. Roles in finance, IT, and human resources also play a crucial part in the company’s operations. Hays Travel prides itself on providing opportunities for all, regardless of experience level, with a particular emphasis on nurturing young talent through apprenticeships and entry-level positions.

The Hays Travel Working Experience

Working at Hays Travel is more than just a job; it’s being part of a family. Employees often speak of a supportive environment where each individual’s contribution is valued. The company offers competitive benefits, including travel discounts, which is a significant perk for those passionate about travel. Training and development are also key components of the Hays Travel ethos, ensuring that every employee has the opportunity to grow and advance in their career.

Community and Social Responsibility

Hays Travel’s commitment extends beyond its business operations into the heart of the North East communities. The company is actively involved in local charity work and sponsors several regional events and sports teams. This community engagement not only enhances local life but also enriches the working experience for its employees.

Embarking on Your Career Journey

For those interested in joining Hays Travel, the journey begins with the company’s careers website. The application process is straightforward, focusing on finding individuals who share the company's values of excellence and customer service. Prospective employees are encouraged to showcase their passion for travel and customer service in their applications.


As Hays Travel continues to thrive, its commitment to creating valuable job opportunities in the North East remains steadfast. For those looking to embark on a fulfilling career in travel, Hays Travel offers a world of opportunities, right here in the North East. Whether you are starting your career journey or looking for a new challenge, Hays Travel welcomes you to become a part of its ongoing success story.

Visit their careers website.

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