Career Opportunities at Esh Holdings in the North East

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Esh Holdings, one of the North East's largest privately-owned construction businesses, offers a variety of career opportunities in the region. The company is known for its deep-rooted culture, engaged workforce, and commitment to client satisfaction and community development.

Esh Holdings prides itself on providing an inclusive working environment where all employees are given equal opportunities and pay, and diversity is embraced. This approach helps create a workplace where employees feel secure, valued, and happy. Esh is actively working to improve the industry's gender pay gap and encourages women to join the sector, challenging outdated misconceptions and providing quality career guidance.

The company values its employees highly and is committed to supporting their mental health and wellbeing. Esh has an in-house team of mental health first aiders to offer support, underlining the importance of discussing feelings and wellbeing in the workplace.

Employees at Esh Holdings have diverse backgrounds and roles. Examples include working in bid teams, commercial assistance, technical coordination, and management positions across various sectors like construction, civil engineering, and quantity surveying. The company offers opportunities for career progression, training, and development across different departments, ensuring a varied and fulfilling work experience. Staff benefits and a focus on work-life balance are also highlighted as key aspects of working at Esh Holdings.

For those interested in a career at Esh Holdings, the company's website regularly updates job vacancies and provides detailed information about different roles and opportunities available within the group. With its focus on local employment and sustainable practices, Esh Holdings represents a dynamic and responsible choice for career development in the construction and built environment sector in the North East.

For more information and to view current vacancies, you can visit the Esh Group website here.

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