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Taking a year off before beginning a university degree is becoming increasingly common, as is the option to spend this year working abroad, generally as a volunteer for foreign relief organisations or charities.

Naturally, this sort of employment is in high demand, thus the CV you use for this must be good in order for your application to be considered. It is also feasible to tailor your CV to GAP year job in the same manner that you would for temporary work, as some characteristics are beneficial to both forms of work.

What Should Be Included

Your CV should be a clear and succinct overview of your qualifications, talents, and experiences, as well as an opportunity for significant elements of your personality to show through.

There is a widely agreed standard for what a CV should include, and this material is usually divided into distinct categories.

Contact Information

These should be kept up to date so that possible employers may contact you through phone, email, or even post Personal Profile.

Some consider this to be the most crucial area of the CV since it summarises your personal characteristics and attributes, while others do not.
It is our advice that it be included.




This should explicitly say that you are looking for part-time or seasonal work, if only to clarify your objectives to the reader. Education and Qualifications

All academic qualifications since high school are shown in reverse chronological order.


Extra Capabilities

An optional area emphasising your computer skills, knowledge of other languages, and so on.




Another optional section highlighting academic, athletic, or professional accomplishments


Career Overview

In reverse chronological sequence, include all part-time, full-time, temporary, and voluntary jobs.



Personal Information

This section Interests and Activities might contain your date of birth, nationality, and whether or not you can drive.

Although some believe that this area is unnecessary, and it is commonly removed in the United States, it is a fantastic opportunity to reflect something about yourself, demonstrating that you can maintain a healthy balance between your profession, academics, and personal life.

Length and Layout

The way you present your CV is obviously critical, and the essential elements here are to:

Instead of handwriting your CV, type it.

Use decent quality paper that is not too thin but not too thick. Be imaginative with your presentation and font selection.

Keep it to no more than two or three pages.

Place the most critical information on the first page.

Top CV Tips for Gap Years and Short-Term Contracts

Many people prefer to spend their GAP year working abroad, especially in underdeveloped nations, where they may obtain vital life skills and have a life-changing experience that will significantly boost their CV.
It takes a certain type of individual to take on work of this nature, and their talents must be adequately reflected on their CV.
Also, keep in mind that many individuals will be looking for comparable possibilities as you, therefore you must utilise your CV as a selling tool.

Highlight "interesting" and unique hobbies and activities that distinguish you as someone who rises to a challenge and successfully integrates into team contexts.

Showcase your communication abilities as well as your capacity to communicate with people from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Employers will want to know more about you than simply what you have done in school and in your career so far, so use your Personal Profile to fully sell your personality.

Highlight any noteworthy accomplishments you have had that illustrate your potential to succeed.

Comparable guidelines will apply to preparing a CV for temporary job - you will need similar characteristics such as the ability to mix well with others and excellent communication abilities.

These temporary employment CV recommendations were compiled with the assistance of The CV Centre

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