Recruit4good: The North East Job Board

Posted on Monday, December 18, 2023 by Edward DeanNo comments is a job board serving the North East region of the United Kingdom. This platform stands out for several reasons, notably its comprehensive network and commitment to social welfare.

  1. Extensive Network for Job Seekers: Recruit4Good provides job seekers with access to tens-of-thousands of current job listings. Unlike some job boards that rely on aggregating listings from other sites, Recruit4Good ensures the authenticity and quality of its job postings through a subscription-based model. This approach ensures that the platform offers a broad array of opportunities across various sectors.

  2. Supporting Mental Health Initiatives: A unique aspect of is its affiliation with the mental health charity Anxious Minds. By using the job board, employers and job seekers indirectly contribute to improving mental health services. The platform operates under the principle that all earnings from job postings are channeled towards enhancing support for mental health, addressing an issue that significantly impacts UK employers and employees.

  3. Facilitating Employer and Job Seeker Connections: Recruit4Good acts as a bridge between employers seeking qualified candidates and job seekers looking for employment opportunities. This dual focus helps ensure that the platform meets the needs of both parties effectively. By offering a job search platform that encompasses a wide range of sectors and locations, Recruit4Good caters to a diverse audience within the North East region.

  4. Live Updates and Personalised Alerts: The job listings on Recruit4Good are updated live by a network of UK recruiters, ensuring that users have access to the most current job opportunities. Additionally, the platform offers the convenience of job alerts, allowing users to receive new job notifications directly in their inbox. This feature is particularly useful for proactive job seekers who wish to stay informed about the latest opportunities.

In summary, stands out as a comprehensive North East job board that not only connects job seekers with employers in the North East but also contributes to the broader social cause of mental health. Its unique approach of combining job search functionality with charitable support makes it a distinct and valuable resource for both job seekers and employers in the region.

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