Job Vacancies in the North East: A Guide to Current Vacancies and Trends

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The North East of England, known for its vibrant culture and dynamic industries, is currently experiencing a significant flux in its job market. This article delves into the current state of job vacancies in the North East, highlighting the sectors with the most opportunities and providing insights for job seekers.

Current Labor Market Trends in the North East

  • Industry Growth: Industries such as technology, healthcare, and renewable energy are seeing substantial growth in the North East. This growth is driving a demand for skilled professionals in these fields.
  • Impact of Remote Work: The rise of remote work has led to a broader range of opportunities, especially in tech and digital marketing sectors, allowing more flexibility for job seekers.
  • Economic Recovery Post-Pandemic: As the region recovers from the impacts of the pandemic, there has been an increase in job openings in sectors like hospitality, retail, and tourism.

Hot Sectors with High Vacancies

  1. Technology: There's a high demand for IT professionals, software developers, and cybersecurity experts.
  2. Healthcare: Nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals are in short supply, reflecting a nationwide trend.
  3. Renewable Energy: With a push towards green energy, there are increasing opportunities in solar and wind energy projects.
  4. Manufacturing: Advanced manufacturing facilities are seeking skilled labor for various roles.

Tips for Job Seekers in the North East

  • Networking: Engage in local networking events and online forums specific to the North East job market.
  • Skill Development: Consider upskilling or reskilling, especially in high-demand sectors.
  • Utilise Local Resources: Many local agencies and career centers offer resources and job placement assistance.
  • Tailor Your Application: Customise your resume and cover letter for each application, highlighting relevant skills and experience.


The North East's job market is dynamic and offers diverse opportunities across various sectors. By staying informed about industry trends, networking, and continuously developing skills, job seekers can significantly increase their chances of finding suitable employment in this region.

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