Exploring Career Paths with Arriva in the North East

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Introduction to Arriva

Arriva stands as a prominent figure in European transport services, with a significant presence in the North East of England. Known for their extensive bus and train networks, Arriva plays a pivotal role in the region's public transportation system.

Diverse Job Opportunities

At Arriva in the North East, the range of career options is vast. From bus and train drivers to maintenance technicians, customer service staff, and administrative roles, there's a position for almost every skill set. These opportunities cater to diverse career goals, offering a unique window into the world of public transport.

Skills and Qualifications

Arriva seeks a variety of skills and qualifications, depending on the role. Operational jobs might require specific licenses or technical know-how, while office roles may focus on customer service expertise and organisational skills. The emphasis is on finding dedicated individuals aligned with Arriva's service ethos.

Training and Career Development

Arriva is committed to its workforce, offering substantial training and development programs. These initiatives not only enhance skills but also pave the way for career progression, underlining Arriva's investment in its employees' futures.

A Supportive Work Environment

The company culture at Arriva in the North East is characterised by teamwork, employee well-being, and a balanced approach to work and life. Benefits and a supportive atmosphere underscore the company's dedication to its staff, making it a sought-after employer in the region.

Contributing to the Community and Environment

Working with Arriva also means playing a part in sustainable transport solutions and community development. The company's initiatives in these areas are not just about business; they're about making a positive impact on the environment and the lives of local residents.


Arriva offers a plethora of job opportunities in the North East, each with the potential for personal and professional growth. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore these prospects and consider Arriva as their next career destination.

Visit their website. https://www.arriva.co.uk/talented-people

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