Exploring Career Opportunities at Northumbrian Water: A Guide to Jobs in the North East's Water Sector

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Northumbrian Water, serving the North East of England, offers a variety of career opportunities for individuals passionate about making a difference in the water industry. This article explores the diverse jobs at Northumbrian Water and the impact these positions have on the community and environment.

1. Engineering and Technical Roles

At the core of Northumbrian Water’s operations are engineering and technical roles. These include civil, chemical, and environmental engineers, who are essential in designing, maintaining, and improving water and sewage treatment facilities. Technicians and operational staff ensure the smooth running of these systems, playing a critical role in maintaining water quality and environmental standards.

2. Customer Service and Support

Customer service representatives at Northumbrian Water are vital in addressing customer inquiries, managing accounts, and resolving issues. These roles require strong communication skills and a commitment to providing exceptional service. Support staff in billing, administration, and IT also contribute significantly to the company's overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

3. Environmental and Conservation Positions

Northumbrian Water is committed to environmental stewardship. Careers in this sector include environmental scientists and conservation specialists who work on sustainable water management, pollution control, and habitat conservation. These roles are crucial in ensuring that the company’s activities have minimal environmental impact while promoting biodiversity.

4. Research and Development

Innovation is key to Northumbrian Water’s success. Researchers and developers work on new technologies and methods to improve water treatment, waste management, and resource conservation. These positions often collaborate with universities and other research institutions, contributing to groundbreaking advancements in the water industry.

5. Management and Leadership Roles

Effective management is essential for the company's success. Roles in this category range from project managers overseeing specific initiatives to senior executives strategizing the company's future direction. These positions require strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of both the water industry and business management.

6. Apprenticeships and Training Programs

Northumbrian Water is dedicated to nurturing talent through apprenticeships and training programs. These opportunities allow individuals to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of the water industry while earning qualifications. They are an excellent pathway for those starting their career or looking to change fields.

7. Health and Safety Officers

Health and safety are paramount in all of Northumbrian Water’s operations. Officers in this field ensure compliance with safety regulations, conduct risk assessments, and implement safety training programs. Their work is crucial in maintaining a safe working environment for all employees.

8. Community Engagement and Education

Northumbrian Water also offers roles focused on community engagement and education. These positions involve organising community events, educational programs, and outreach initiatives to educate the public about water conservation and environmental issues.


Northumbrian Water’s diverse range of job opportunities reflects its commitment to providing essential services while protecting the environment and engaging with the community. Careers at Northumbrian Water are not just jobs; they are opportunities to make a significant impact in one of the most vital sectors in the North East of England.

Visit their website. https://www.nwg.co.uk/careers/

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