Career Opportunities at Vertu Motors in the North East

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Vertu Motors, a renowned name in the UK automotive sector, is not just about selling cars; it's a hub of diverse career opportunities. With a strong presence in the North East, Vertu Motors offers an array of job roles for those passionate about the automotive industry and customer service.

Company Overview

Founded in 2006, Vertu Motors PLC has grown rapidly, now operating several dealerships across the UK. Known for its commitment to quality and service, it represents various prestigious automotive brands, making it an exciting workplace for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Job Opportunities in the North East

The North East, with its vibrant cities and industrial heritage, is home to several Vertu Motors dealerships. Here, job roles range from sales executives, service technicians, to administrative positions. Each role plays a pivotal part in delivering the Vertu promise of excellent customer service.

  1. Sales Careers: As a sales executive, you'll engage with customers, helping them find their perfect car. This role requires excellent communication skills and a passion for sales.

  2. Technical Roles: Service technicians at Vertu Motors are the backbone of the service department, ensuring vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.

  3. Customer Service and Administration: These roles are crucial in providing exceptional customer experiences and smooth dealership operations.

Training and Development

Vertu Motors believes in nurturing talent. The company offers comprehensive training programs, ensuring employees are well-equipped to excel in their roles. Career advancement opportunities are abundant for those showing dedication and exceptional performance.

Community and Environment

Working at Vertu Motors also means being part of a company that cares about its community and environment. The company engages in various local initiatives and strives to maintain environmentally friendly practices.

Why Choose Vertu Motors?

A career at Vertu Motors in the North East is more than just a job; it's a journey in a dynamic industry. The company's focus on employee satisfaction, customer service, and community involvement makes it a rewarding place to work.


For those in the North East looking for a career that combines passion for cars, customer service, and personal growth, Vertu Motors is an ideal choice. With a variety of roles and a commitment to employee development, it's an exciting time to join the Vertu Motors family.

Contact Information

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