Bricklaying Jobs in the North East: The Demand

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The demand for bricklayers in the North East of the UK, as part of a broader national context, is experiencing significant challenges. The UK is currently facing a housing shortage, necessitating the construction of more homes. However, the rate of home construction is not keeping pace with demand, highlighting a critical need for more skilled workers, including bricklayers.

The shortage of bricklayers in the UK is attributed to several factors. An ageing workforce in the construction industry, with a significant proportion over 55 years of age in 2011, has led to many workers retiring. Furthermore, the quality of training for younger individuals has not met the industry's needs, resulting in fewer apprenticeships and technical qualifications in bricklaying. This gap is exacerbated by the UK government's commitment to building 300,000 homes per year.

Brexit has also impacted the industry, as many EU nationals who were part of the workforce have left the UK, further straining the supply of bricklayers. The average salary for bricklayers, around £42,000, has been on the rise due to this shortage. The North East, in particular, has seen a 27% year-on-year increase in bricklayer earnings.

Despite the high demand and good wages, the shortage of bricklayers continues to pose challenges for construction companies. The market has become highly competitive, with some companies unable to meet the financial demands of higher wages. The government and construction industry are exploring solutions, such as on-the-job training and promoting bricklaying careers in schools and colleges.

In summary, the demand for bricklayers in the North East is reflective of a broader national shortage in the UK. This shortage, driven by an ageing workforce, inadequate training, and the effects of Brexit, is impacting construction industry's ability to meet the demand for new housing. Despite lucrative wages, the shortage is expected to persist without significant changes in training and recruitment strategies.

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