Career Opportunities in the North East: Find Your Perfect Teaching Job

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The North East is home to a diverse range of schools, including primary, secondary, and special needs institutions. These schools offer a variety of job opportunities for both experienced and aspiring educators, as well as support staff.

One popular role in schools is that of a teacher. Teachers in the North East have the opportunity to work with students of all ages and abilities, and can specialise in subjects such as mathematics, English, science, and history. In order to become a teacher in the North East, individuals must have a degree in the subject they wish to teach and complete a teacher training program.

Another important role in schools is that of a teaching assistant. Teaching assistants provide support to teachers and students in the classroom, and may work with small groups or individual students. They may also assist with administrative tasks and help to create a positive learning environment. To become a teaching assistant, individuals usually need to have a relevant qualification or experience working with children.

Schools also employ a variety of support staff, such as administrative assistants, caretakers, and lunchtime supervisors. These roles may involve tasks such as answering phones, managing student records, and ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the school.

In addition to traditional roles, there are also a number of specialised positions in the North East schools. Special education needs coordinators (SENCOs) work with students who have special needs, such as learning disabilities or behavioural issues. They work closely with teachers, parents and outside agencies to develop individualised education plans and provide support to students and staff.

Another specialised role is that of a school counsellor. School counsellors provide emotional and social support to students, and may work on issues such as bullying, mental health, and college readiness. They may also provide guidance on academic and career choices.

The North East region also has a growing number of academies and free schools which have different job opportunities and requirements than the traditional schools. These schools are often run by private organisations and have more autonomy over hiring and budget decisions.

The North East region has a high demand for teachers and support staff, as well as specialised roles such as SENCOs and school counsellors. These jobs offer the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of young people, and provide a rewarding and challenging career.

It is worth noting that many schools in the North East region are facing budget constraints, which can make it challenging to recruit and retain staff. However, the government has announced plans to invest more funds in education in the region which is expected to increase the job opportunities in the future.

Overall, the North East offers a wide range of job opportunities for those interested in working in schools. Whether you are an experienced educator or just starting out, there is a role that can suit your skills and interests. With a growing number of academies and free schools in the region, there are also many opportunities for those looking for a different kind of teaching experience.

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