Jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne


Newcastle upon Tyne is a city in North East England famous for its remarkable career opportunities. So far, the city has empowered millions of people in diverse areas like the medical, tech industry, and business with professional benefits and perks. Newcastle is one of the rapidly developing cities in the UK, with a massive £1.5 billion of scheduled investment for the potential of new jobs. According to a survey, there will be 100,000 new appointments in Newcastle to boost the economy by 2024. Newcastle is always looking for future betterment with rapid technological evolution and UK Science city with two world-leading universities and four hubs of national supremacy.  


There are numerous vacant positions available in Newcastle to hire a large number of professionals. Employment in Newcastle is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to settle in a great community. It has created a big name in the business, marketing, networking and collaboration with small start-ups. If you are looking for a dream destination for your career growth, Newcastle is the best choice. It is a city that fulfils the dreams of millions of people through excellent job opportunities.


Maintaining the correct life balance can be challenging when considering a new job appointment. Newcastle is well-known as one of the most comfortable places in England due to its quality lifestyle and affordable living costs. Regardless of your educational capabilities, knowing where to look for jobs will influence your job search success. Particularly, when you are looking for a job opportunity within a specific geographical boundary.

It requires proper research involving valid steps. There are authentic ways to find a job in Newcastle such as:

  • You can search an online job via search engines
  • Follow the right platforms suggesting job opportunities in Newcastle
  • Analyze the job section in local or global newspaper 
  • Utilizing personal networks or resources
  • Discuss with local colleagues or fellows 
  • Join online communities or groups related to jobs in Newcastle

You can choose any of the above mentioned ways to find a job opportunity in Newcastle. 


Are you looking for job opportunities in Newcastle? If yes, just scroll down the official website of Recruit4Good and find some excellent job opportunities. In this article, we will provide you with the jobs available in Newcastle with job descriptions, timing and salary packages. Check out the official page of the website for the top-ranked and best-suited salary packages. Follow the page guidelines to configure how to access these job opportunities. Sign in to our job board to get notifications about upcoming job opportunities in Newcastle. Let’s dig deeper into the details of jobs available in Newcastle:



1.Customer Services Assistant

Before applying for a job, you need to create an account on the company’s website. As a customer service assistant, you try to make the best services for your customer. Customer is king and service providers always try their best to make the customer happy. Customer service assistant is a very demanding jobAs an employee for this job, you must be courteous, friendly and well-mannered. You can check the number of jobs available on your job board.

Job Description

Contract Type: Permanent

Hourly Rate: £9.18 under 23. £9.50 over 23

Location: Newcastle

Hourly timing: 12 hours

Reward and Benefits

 In Newcastle, fantastic jobs incentives are available for customer service assistants such as BBED bonus (Be better everyday bonus) is an annual cash bonus. 

  • Holiday package of 28-38 days. 
  • A pension scheme offered to the employees.
  • Financial benefits.
  • Educational discounts.


2.Communication Officer

A successful communication officer in Newcastle must have excellent verbal and written skills. Communication officers need experience in public relations, modern and traditional speaking. 

Job Description

Contract Type: Part-time

Salary: £23,023 - £24,920 a year

Location: Newcastle

Hourly timing: 12 hours


3.Operational Assistant (remote)

The operational assistant's responsibility is;

  • To manage the daily task of employees and assign duties to them
  • Manage Company meetings and communication tools
  • Update company data and ensure authentic documentation
  • Conduct marketing, interviews, and screening calls


Job Description

Contract Type: full-time

Location: Newcastle

Hourly timing: 12 hours


4.Assistant Support Worker X3

The requirements for Assistant support worker X3 is you must be passionate about working with young people (16-25). In this category, you work under a team that includes six assistant support officers and eight support workers. In teamwork, you support each other and also polish your hidden skills like leadership, team management, problem-solving, and communication skills. 


Job Description

Contract Type: permanent

Location: Newcastle

Salary: £20,250 a year


The above mentioned jobs are a few examples. There are plenty of jobs available on our job board,Recruit4Good . You can scroll the page to find the best suited job that is the best for your career growth.



For a better job search, we recommend you try  Recruit4Good to find a job that matches your skill sets in the best way. This job portal allows recruiters to post a job to find a suitable candidate. Furthermore,  Recruit4Good also provides a candidate database with the CV's of candidates registered on this job-seeking platform. 


Get registered on our job portal and find your dream job in Newcastle!

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