Projects Needing Funding

Recruit4Good provides Anxious Minds with a new and proven means of fundraising via the business operational expenditure on recruitment and the use of our job board. As the business recruits staff, 100% of the Recruit4Good fee is donated to charity. This provides businesses with a means of directing donations to fund tangible projects. For example, a business that plans on recruiting 10 staff utilising the services of our job board would generate donations in the order of £100 with Recruit4Good, which could be directed towards a charity for a specific project, or a specific product or service purchase. Based on industry-standard job board fees, this business would save approximately £800 in job board fees with Recruit4Good.

If you are recruiting staff and would like the donations generated via the Recruit4Good donation of 100% of the fee to be directed to one of our projects listed, please contact us today.


  • Veterans Mental Health Services
  • Children's Mental Health Services                                               
  • Addiction Support Services
  • Women in Crisis
  • Outdoor Therapy 
  • Drop-in and Recovery Colleges
  • Online Counselling Service
  • Online Addiction Support Services



How you make a difference


£10 pays for telephone support for 1 hour           


£20 pays for a counselling session


£30 pays for room hire for 1 hour


£50 pays for a support group


£60 pays for an addiction support group with two facilitators


£100 pays for a suicide awareness course for up to 12 people


£120 pays for 6 sessions of counselling


£1,000 keeps a support centre open for a month


£2,000 provides 50 people with outdoor therapy


£20,000 opens a new support centre


It just takes one act of kindness to change a life